Guidelines For Long-Term Fuel Storage Of Diesel

Guidelines For Long-Term Fuel Storage Of Diesel

In a world of uncertainty, running business operations smoothly is arduous. However, if you prepare yourself for unforeseen events, then you can always run your business without any complications. This is the reason why many transportation business owners prefer to store fuel for times of emergency. 

Storing fuel is also not easy as its shelf life is not ideal for it to keep in store for an extended period of time. In this guide, we will tackle the problem you can face while storing diesel for the long term.

How Long Does A Diesel Fuel Last?

To formulate a plan that prolongs the shelf life of diesel, you need to know the duration for which it can last. It is observed in various studies that diesel fuel quality starts degrading within a period of 28 days. Thus, you will need additives to keep the quality intact. Even with them, the shelf life of diesel is around 6 to 12 months in ideal conditions.

Tips To Prevent Contamination And Prolong The Fuel’s Storage Life

The goal is to prevent contamination in the diesel that can happen during the storage period and prolong its shelf life. To do that, you can execute the tips given below:

Check The Tank After the Rain

Due to rain, water can accumulate on top of the tank, which can, in turn, contaminate the fuel. Thus, thoroughly check the tank’s structure every time whenever there is rain.

Use Treatment That Separate Water From Fuel

Advanced tanks of today’s time usually come with an FWS filter. It is a filter that separates the fuel from the water. Also, use demulsifying properties to separate water from diesel effectively.

Use Biocide

Water-diesel interface is prone to bacteria and fungus. So, to prevent such things from growing in the tank, use biocide.

Eliminate Biofilms

If the biofilm,s already exist before using a biocide, then you will need to eliminate it using the mechanical treatment.

Keep The Tank’s Temperature Cool

The process of fuel oxidation can be delayed if it’s kept at a cool temperature. The ideal temperature is 20 F. Make sure not to let the temperature go above 85 F.

Clean The Tank

Since you are going to store fuel in the tank, you won’t get many chances to clean it. Most of the time, refueling happens. The ideal cleaning time of a fuel storage tank is once every ten years.

Invest In Underground Tank

If your business or activities do not require a portable diesel tank, then consider investing in an underground tank. Underground tanks can be costly compared to other tanks. However, they are perfect as the temperature is cool when kept underground, which is ideal for diesel. Also, there are fewer chances of contamination.


So, this is everything that you need to know and follow in order to have long-term fuel storage. You can also use fuel stability treatment or additives such as antioxidants to keep the quality of the diesel intact.