Best Tips to Travel on a Budget

Best Tips to Travel on a Budget

Even though the global covid-19 pandemic has somewhat slowed down tourism globally, but the world is gradually opening and people are starting to travel across borders to finally get some much-needed relief. If you are planning to go on a vacation but you have a tight budget, you are at the right place. We have rounded up our best travel-on-a-budget advice to help you make the most out of your trips while not breaking your bank.

Tip#1 – Travel Off-Season: Tourist hotpots are generally packed with people cramming in from around the world during peak seasons. This provokes the simple economic rule of demand and supply and accommodation, dining and recreational prices rocket at a pace that your pocket will not be able to bear. It is best advised that whenever you choose to travel on a budget, plan a trip off season. This not only saves you a lot of money but also allows you to enjoy the destination at peace without having hundreds of tourists crammed in one place.

Tip#2 – Book in Advance: Even though at times you might get amazing last minute deals, but what if you don’t? It’s better to plan your trip and book your flights and accommodation well in advance after making comparisons through booking apps and tour operating companies. Advance planning gives you all the time to explore your options and choose the most pocket friendly option available.

Tip#3 – Don’t Fly on Weekends: Weekend flights are generally very expensive as compare to weekday flights. Since you are traveling on a budget, take additional days off from work and prefer flying during weekdays to avoid buying tickets at inflated rates over the weekend.

Tip#4 – Couch-surfing: Why spend so much on hotel accommodation when you can simply stay with the locals that too for free. There are countless couch-surfing applications that can help you find locals willing to invite tourists into their homes.

Tip#5 – Carpooling Services:  Since you are already considering couch-surfing, why not consider carpooling as well. There are various applications that offer carpooling in different countries and you can save a lot of your budget and spend it on recreation by opting for carpooling. You can use the airport shuttle service instead of a private taxi to save more on your budget.

Tip#6 – Be Vary of ATM Charges & Card Scam: Even though none of us wants to think about the bad that could happen, but card scams and foreign exchange charge can put us behind our budget during vacation. Keep a check on ATM charges and make sure that whenever you buying something with your card, you are charged in the currency you decided the price on, many shopkeepers can tell you price in local currency and charge you in dollars.

Tip#7 – Avoid Tourist Hotspots: A lot of times, in order to visit the tourist hotspots, we miss out on other less famous but better tourism spots. Look for remote or undiscovered places and enjoy a vacation of your lifetime without having a lot of tourists cramming the place.

Also while traveling, make sure you don’t leave you trash behind and cause damage to the ecosystem. Check out our tips for ecofriendly travel