Top Attractions in Sydney

Top Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is the biggest, oldest, and the most beautiful city of Australia and lies amid a delightful blend of land and the ocean. You can skate around the shinning harbor on a ferry; admire the white sails of the Opera House gleaming in the sunshine, the elegant arch of the Harbor Bridge, and all the beaches filled with surfers and lively people.

Presently, you can survey Sydney’s parable history in the cobbled, narrow byways and historic buildings of rocks and the city’s magnificent museums. Sydney is packed with exciting locations that surround the city and provides appealing views to the sightseers. Here’s a list of few admirable locations in the city.

The Amazing Bondi beach:  Sydney is famous for its fascinating beaches, and Bondi beach is one of the most prestigious seaside in Sydney and doubtless, it should be at the top of the places you should visit, while going on a vacation in Sydney. From the gleaming bright-blue sea to peaceful sunrises, every view is breathtaking. There is a beautiful connection of nature with this beach, and the beauty of the seashore enmeshes us and emits such energizing vibes that we rarely get to witness in the metropolitan cities.

Vintage Australian museum: The Australian museum is the most classical in Sydney. It is located in the college street with a universal prestige in anthropology and natural history. It attributes the collections of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, paleontology, and mineralogy. Aside from the exhibition, the museum is also involved in native studies research and social programs.

Gleaming Opera House: One of Sydney’s great icons is Sydney’s Opera House, which is a star attraction on the shining harbor. The elegant building, shaped like seashells, perches on a finger of an area surrounded by water. Take a picture while sailing by on a harbor cruise, munch at one of the restaurants, and stroll around the magnificent structure that includes studios, theaters, a concert hall, and exhibition rooms.  

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge: The Sydney’s harbor Bridge was constructed in 1932. Since then, it is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. It connects the harbor’s north and south coasts, rising 134m above the water. Apart from the functional purpose, it is also an adventurous attraction for the tourists. The city offers an opportunity to climb up the wonderful structure, including a tour over the arch.

Wildlife at Taronga zoo: Taronga Zoo is considered one of the best tourism spots in Sydney. At Taronga Zoo, you can relish close-up encounters with exotic species from all over the world, and the superb view of the Sydney skyline is another wonder that you get to witness there. Snuggled on a point along the north part of the harbor, the zoo occupies prime Sydney real state in the spiffy suburb of Mosman.

Free Tip: If you want to experience the best of Sydney, it is best advised that you find accommodation near Sydney airport as it not only keeps you closer to the city centre but also saves a lot of transportation cost giving you quick access to public transport. This is especially helpful if you are traveling on a budget.