Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

Australia is famous for its remarkable fishing. There are a lot of places you can go fishing i.e. from the cool waters of the south to the tropical Top End, there are a variety of options. The diversity of Australian waters and fish life is extremely mind-blowing with more than 4,000 marine species and many of these fish are so rare that you cannot them anywhere else in the world. 

If you are planning a vacation to Australia or you are already in Australia and thinking about going on an adventure, think about taking fishing adventures across Australia. 

You could go for the most rewarding saltwater fishing. Flats fishing, rock fishing, and beach fishing are all popular hobbies whether you choose to fish with bait, spin a lure, or cast a fly. 

Game fishing is also brilliant. Marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and tuna are usually found in the blue waters along the coast, and the country hosts the largest game fishing tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Freshwater fishing is another amazing option in which you can explore pristine lakes, humongous rivers, and mountain streams. 

Here are a few spots to go to for a wonderful fishing experience in Australia. 

1. Cairns, Queensland

Better known as Black Marlin capital of the world, Cairns is the go-to place if you are looking to catch a big black merlin or other game fish species of Australia. Located in northern Queensland, particularly the area from Cairns northwards along the Great Barrier Reef, is best known for some of the largest black marlins.  Cairns fishing can be exciting. According to the International Game Fishing Association records, nearly 70 percent of the best fish are caught in these waters each year. The best times are from September till the end of December.  

2. The Top End, Northern Territory

Best known for Barramundi fishing, the top end in the northern territory of Australia, is another popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. The suitable time to fish here is during the Barra build-up, from October till December, when the fish school in the local billabongs and saltwater bays before monsoon rains overwhelm the region, and the Barra overflow, from February till May when the barramundi tend to assemble at the mouth of the rivers. However, the Top End is not all about barramundi. During the dry weather, from May till November, reef fishing is popular. Also, you can plan to go for deep-sea fishing at almost any time during the year but when the seawater is calm. You can book yourself a guided trip, stay at a fishing lodge, or rent a boat and go fishing all by yourself however, you need to stay mindful of crocodiles residing in the salt waters Heli-fishing is also available but only in specific areas. 

3. Hervey Bay, Queensland

The largest sand island with water rich in nutrients offer perfect nooks to fish even on windy days. This area is specifically popular for its beautiful golden trevally that is mostly found swimming along the surface. Moreover, you can also find different kinds of tuna, giant trevally, cobia, sailfish, farmed Australian salmon and marlin. For those who are looking for a meal, tuna, whiting, tailor, flathead, and snapper, are perfect waters as these species are commonly found in these waters.

Australia is a world-class fishing destination. Regardless of the seasons, it offers wonderful opportunities to experience some of the very best fishing in its spectacular waters.