New And Innovative Volvo Truck Parts: Upgrades And Advancements In The Industry

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New And Innovative Volvo Truck Parts: Upgrades And Advancements In The Industry

Volvo has always been at the frontline when it comes down to new upgrades, advancements, or innovations regarding trucks. The company has consistently brought us new-age equipment, including the latest braking system and more. Let’s take a look at some of these innovative truck parts that stand out:

1. Volvo Dynamic Steering

Dynamic steering is aimed at providing better controls to the driver of heavy trucks. It helps improve stability, especially ay high speeds. As controlling large vehicles can be quite challenging, especially while moving in restricted space, VDS works to ease into that. Just like a car’s power steering capacity, it helps reduce the strain on the driver. To ensure its function, it uses an electric motor.

2. I-Shift Dual Clutch

The use of a clutch is indispensable in the truck and often requires skills to operate quickly by the drivers. I-Shift Dual Clutch aims to offer ease for the drivers to easily shift the gears in the manual transmissions. Moreover, it reduces the amount of torque interruption. As a result, drivers have better fuel efficiency, which makes a significant difference in the long run. Moreover, it reduces the toll the system takes on the driveline.

3. Volvo Enhanced Cruise

As Volvo is consistently working on easing the job of the drivers and enhancing security with the trucks, it offers a new-age cruise control that uses radar and cameras. It easily tracks the safe distance and gap the truck has in the traffic. Therefore, it can also assist the driver in maintaining a specific speed, especially in the traffic flow. This helps take a load off the drivers and provides easier long drives.

4. Volvo Active Driver Assist

Similar to the enhanced cruise, the active drive assist works by using a camera and radar sensor. However, it operates to alert the drivers about any potential collision risk. Moreover, just as VEC controls speed, the VADA can apply brakes automatically to avoid potential accidents.

5. Volvo Powertrain

The Volvo Powertrain isn’t an innovative tool or technology like the other three given above. Instead, it is an innovative approach for the trucks. The company is working on offering solutions where the truck engines can generate more power and torque while consuming less fuel. The objective is to be eco-friendly to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. However, the focal point, while maintaining the eco-friendly approach, is to ensure optimum performance and power.

6. Volvo Remote Diagnostics

As the company is working on automatic tools, and upgrades, Volvo Remote Diagnostics also works in a similar manner. It runs a quick scan and diagnostics on your entire truck to give you insights about the performance of the truck. Therefore, the drivers can receive updates regarding any potential problem with the truck. The problem can be eliminated before it turns into a bigger issue.

Where To Buy These?

You can go ahead and buy Volvo truck parts online with a credible dealer. They can help you find out if these techs are available yet or still in progress.